Meat Skip

Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 22:55:38
By utilizing the Goomba Slope Climbing glitch you can climb underneath the bottom of the pot in Luncheon. At certain points directly underneath the pot you can touch a damage source which will destroy your Goomba capture. If you have more than 1 Goomba it will sometimes cause a forced release clip and clip Mario inside of the pot and continually damage him. With 6 health you can make your way onto the vegetables in the stew and skip the Meat Capture. This should only be done in Bruncheon (Early Luncheon) as the Multi-Moon will not be present in first visit of Luncheon until both the first and second story moons are collected. Although this trick allows for story advancement in Bruncheon, it does not spawn the odyssey, thus is currently useless. Discovered by Syrkl