Letter Freedom / OoB Letters

Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 23:07:33
Place a Letter (not the letter "M") at the north-west corner of the letter boundary in Metro Kingdom, make sure the letter's dim/white side is facing to the East. Now place the letter "M" to the east of the letter you first placed. The "M"'s lit-up/red side must be facing North (slightly turned clockwise to the East). Now grab a Scooter and ride it onto the most east side of the letter "M" and dismount the Scooter as you jump onto the "M"'s side. Recapture the "M" and then move the analog to the compasses North slightly to make the "M" move and immediately release all input from the analog. Wait until the Scooter pushed the "M" into the first letter you placed and switch capture from "M" to the other letter. Once you have captured the other letter it should easily move out-of-bounds. Discovered by Syrkl