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Submitted by Pants on 2021-08-25 21:10:18
Ground pound rolling towards a wall when breaking a box can clip you through the wall.
Submitted by Pants on 2021-08-25 21:00:30
Going through this corner in the Cap Kingdom let you just go through the wall, since the collision was too intricate. Patched in version 1.2
Submitted by Daldott on 2018-08-05 21:54:46
Clip for OOB in the Sand Kingdom (near Tostarenean Ruins Entrance) by exploding a skull sign via bullet bill and standing in the destroyed sign before it spawns in, clipping you below the quicksand. Can be done with both signs near the entrance. Can't confirm if it can work with other skull signs, for example the ones in and around Jaxi Ruins.
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-12 20:07:26
This glitch utilizes the "Roll Cancel Clip" to clip through the door of the Inverted Pyramid allowing the player to break the sequence of Sand Kingdom and skip 2 story moons. Used in longer speedrunning categories such as All-Unique-Moons and World-Peace. Discovered by Syrkl
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-12 19:57:53
By placing a Turnip very close to a wall, releasing a Panbro over said turnip, then lastly re-capturing the Panbro, it is possible to be pushed out-of-bounds. It is possible to achieve this with only a single Turnip as-long as good placement is used. Discovered by Mnyush.
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-12 19:52:57
This glitch is a clipping method which allows the user to get OoB in many locations where there is a slope leading into water. The inputs are very similar to "Roll Cancel Clip", the only difference being you need to move the analog to guide Mario towards the wall you wish to clip through. Discovered by Mnyush.
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-12 19:50:00
This trick utilizes Roll Cancel to clip through certain walls and surfaces. You must be very close to the wall you wish to clip through, Then perform the inputs correctly listed in the video. Discovered by Zinpars.
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 22:55:38
By utilizing the Goomba Slope Climbing glitch you can climb underneath the bottom of the pot in Luncheon. At certain points directly underneath the pot you can touch a damage source which will destroy your Goomba capture. If you have more than 1 Goomba it will sometimes cause a forced release clip and clip Mario inside of the pot and continually damage him. With 6 health you can make your way onto the vegetables in the stew and skip the Meat Capture. This should only be done in Bruncheon (Early Luncheon) as the Multi-Moon will not be present in first visit of Luncheon until both the first and second story moons are collected. Although this trick allows for story advancement in Bruncheon, it does not spawn the odyssey, thus is currently useless. Discovered by Syrkl
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 22:13:44
During the Tropical Wigglers retraction animation (due to releasing your stretch whilst over a cliff), if there is another capture intersecting the Wigglers stretch path; such as Glydon, the Wigglers head will be seperated from its body and after the animation ends, the body will teleport to the head. This happens even if the head is currently clipped out-of-bounds. By placing the object which will intersect your stretch path (Glydon or another Wiggler) close to a wall, the Wigglers head will be forced to clip through said wall. This can be used to clip through any wall in Lost Kingdom. Discovered by Syrkl