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Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 22:42:02
By repeatedly pressing Y or X as a captured Goomba, you can climb slippery surfaces. This includes the Volcano in Luncheon Kingdom and Small Sandfall in Sand Kingdom at the ruins. If the input is done too slowly the Goomba will begin to slide down and the player will lose control, but if you uncapture and then quickly recapture and start pressing the Y or X button repeatedly again you will resume climbing. Discovered by Syrkl
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 22:34:49
In 2-player mode; if you make both of the Chargin' Chuck captures face each other and closely positioned, you can gain infinite height by simply shaking the Cappy controller (or by repeatedly pressing the Cappy flight button). This happens because when Chargin' Chuck is released from Mario's possession, he gains a slight height boost. 2-player mode allows you to repeatedly capture between both of the Chargin' Chucks with ease. Discovered by Syrkl
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 22:01:02
In 2-player mode; when in a capture and using Cappy flight, if Cappy interacts with an object that causes the second player to lose control of Cappy temporarily (such as a lamppost, pole, switch, turnip), this will force the Mario player to be released out of the capture they are currently possessing. If this is done whilst directly underneath a ceiling Mario will be released through the ceiling and clipped out-of-bounds. This works for captures: Frog, Goomba-Tower, Cheep Cheep, Coin Coffer, Lakitu. Discovered by Syrkl
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 21:50:28
When underneath a corner as a Cheep Cheep capture, hold A or B to swim upwards whilst barely trapped by the corners overhang. Now press ZL or ZR to release from the capture and Mario will clip into the corner out of bounds. This can by quite finicky and will require some good positioning as well as luck. Discovered by Syrkl
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 21:30:38
By executing multiple Motion Control jumps on slopes as a captured Goomba, you can gain speed exponentially. Discovered by Noguy5
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 21:12:21
Interrupting the Dogs Jump-Animation by bouncing off of the Dog itself will freeze the Dog in mid-air whilst the Dog plays out its Hit-Animation. After this animation ends the Dog will re-do its Jump-Animation at the point it froze in air thus gaining height. You can interrupt this second jump and all consequential jumps to gain infinite height. To do so you must wait a certain amount of time in-between bouncing off of the Dog. A good rhythm is to; - Hold B or A when bouncing on the Dog to do a large bounce - Press Y or X to throw Cappy at the apex of the bounce - Press ZL or ZR to perform a groundpound shortly after This rhythm is seen at the end of the video linked.
Submitted by syrkl on 2018-07-10 20:52:51
Land on the railing north of the manhole whilst riding the scooter. Your angle must be so Mario is facing directly at the wall; bounce once or twice to make the scooter move backward off the railing and as soon as the scooter tilts to a steep angle (Mario facing the sky) hold accelerate. The clip itself is very luck intensive and can take multiple tries. After clipping, immediately jump off the scooter and make your way to the Manhole and loading zone to the Sewer. This skips the Manhole capture for certain Low% categories. Discovered by Mnyush & Syrkl
Submitted by Mnyush on 2018-02-21 23:10:52
Stand in the gap in the flowers (or at a similar distance pre-peace), throw it to edge of falling platform, lower platform, then pick up rock before it hits the ground (do this by throwing your cap away from the rock or have y/x held from when you threw the rock)